Rutland retains status as a Fairtrade County

Rutland has retained its status as a Fairtrade county, recognising the support it gives to the promotion and use of Fairtrade products throughout local communities.

The County was first granted Fairtrade Status by the UK’s Fairtrade Foundation in March 2007. It means that Fairtrade products have the backing of local authorities, shops, restaurants, cafés, businesses, clubs and schools.

The push for greater use and recognition of Fairtrade products locally is led by the Rutland Fairtrade Forum, with support from Rutland County Council and the Town Councils of Oakham and Uppingham.

“To overseas producers, Fairtrade means that they’re paid a special premium on top of the normal price for their product. This Fairtrade premium helps to provide improvements for their community – like better education, sanitation, and infrastructure. All you need to do to lend your support is buy products displaying the Fairtrade logo. Just a few small changes on your shopping list can make a big difference and you’ll know that you’re doing something really good to help growers and producers around the world.”
David Lewis, Chair of the Rutland Fairtrade Forum

“Rutland is a county that prides itself on the quality of its local produce, so it’s only fitting that we recognise and support other producers around the world by promoting Fairtrade. We are fortunate in Rutland to have a fantastic Fairtrade Forum who champion Fairtrade goods. I think that the vast majority of us want to be ethical consumers. We want to make sure our purchases don’t harm the environment and that producers are paid fairly for their hard work. Buying Fairtrade is a great way to do this so lookout for the Fairtrade logo wherever you shop.”
Councillor Kenneth Bool, Chair of Rutland County Council

Rutland Fairtrade Forum promotes Rutland businesses, schools and organisations that support Fairtrade. They are also the organisers of Rutland’s annual Fairtrade Christmas Market at Oakham Castle and have helped to bring Rutland’s very own Fairtrade Chocolate Bar to shops around the County. 

For more info, visit the Rutland Fairtrade Forum website or email: