Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust provides a wide range of community health and inpatient services for both physical and mental health conditions. Our 5,500 staff support people of all ages across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland,  from over 100 sites across the region.



About Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

Leicester Partnership NHS trust provides mental health, learning disability and community health services across Leicestershire, England, and we are currently recruiting for a wide range of job roles.

Our staff work with GP’s, local hospitals, social care and other local authority services such as housing and education, emergency services, and with the voluntary and community sector. 
Our services are organised into three clinical directorates;

  • Mental Health
  • Families, Young People and Children’s Services, and Learning Disability Services
  • Community Health Services

Supporting our front line staff, we have a range of enabling services. These range from health and safety, patient experience and information governance, to information technology, finance and human resources to name a few.

Reasons to work at Leicestershire Partnership NHS Trust

  • Our diverse range of services and teams means that we can offer you an exciting and varied career path without the need to change employer
  • Our “We Nurture” programme is designed to help develop you and take you forward into your next role with us. As a result, over half our workforce has undertaken  career developing training over the last year
  • Our structured nursing career pathway helps you understand how to progress your career with us whatever stage you are at in your career. Find out more here http://elearning-lpt.leicestershire.nhs.uk/Career%20pathways/Nursing/index.html
  • We offer a comprehensive induction and job role specific training to ensure that you have the right skills to perform your new role
  • You can access a range of flexible working options to help you with your work-life balance. We have embraced agile working as a Trust, helping you make the most of each day with the least amount of travel time.
  • If you are not looking for permanent work, then take a look at our Centralised Staffing Team’s job roles. We offer posts based on a zero hours basis so you can choose shifts through our online service that fit around the hours you want to work
  • Our services are based across the area we serve and are operate from many different locations meaning we could have a role that is well placed to where you want to work
  • All our sites offer free staff parking
  • As a teaching trust, with strong links with our local universities, we conduct research and provide training and education for medical, psychology, nursing and therapy students. If research is something that is important to you then come and join us!
  • Our wide staff benefits package includes all sorts of different products, from schemes enabling you to lease a car, through to being able to pick your next phone at a discount
  • We offer a volunteering scheme for all our staff, as part of our commitment to supporting local communities.
  • We embrace innovation. Our services are constantly evolving as part of our continuous improvement and learning culture. Just a few of our recent service developments are:
    • Our Community Health Services are implementing innovative approaches and digital systems to enable staff of all levels to work in joined up ways to support our patients in the most effective way – particularly through integrated locality teams with social care.
    • The Adult Mental Health and Learning Disability services are committed to a 5 year programme to transform their care pathways to deliver a more connected and responsive service.
    • Our Family, Young Person and Children services work in innovative ways to meet patient needs and offer new ways for people to access them. This includes their award-winning website Health for Kids https://www.healthforkids.co.uk/ and award winning confidential text messaging service ChatHealth.

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Adult Mental Health and Adult Learning Disability Services

Our services work to deliver high quality care for adults with acute and enduring mental health conditions and complex learning difficulties.

Our services range from:

  • acute inpatient care
  • acute assessment and home treatment
  • day care
  • psychological therapies
  • community-based mental health care
  • assertive outreach

We have innovative partnerships with the police, EMAS and UHL for those experiencing mental health crisis, as well as a crisis support service provided by Turning Point. In addition, we also have locality-based learning disability teams, short break homes, specialist inpatient care, autism and outreach services. Our learning disability teams also offer specialist advice and support to others involved in caring for someone with a learning disability.

Leicester Partnership NHS trust jobs

Leicester Partnership NHS trust have a wide range of job openings, and are recruiting across all sectors.

As a teaching trust, we are committed to conducting research and provide training and education for medical, psychology, and nursing and therapy students.

We offer a wide range of job roles within these services, for established practitioners such as psychiatrists, consultants, mental health nurses, therapists, as well as healthcare support workers. We also have an increasing number of roles for those looking to grow their career working in mental health such as trainee nurse associates and clinical apprenticeships.

Families, Young People and Children's Services

Our services provide universal and specialist support including:

  • child and adolescent mental health services
  • health visiting and school nursing
  • paediatric medicine
  • nutrition and dietetics services
  • eating disorder services
  • speech and language therapy
  • occupational therapy
  • physiotherapy

There is a growing digital offer as well as integrated face to face services to support children, young people and families. We are focused on a whole-family approach across the Trust, working with our other clinical directorates as well as through strong partnerships with the local authorities and voluntary and community sector.

Typical job roles in this area of our services include:

  • Public Health Nurses/ Health Visitors and mental health nursing roles
  • Therapists
  • roles in Dietetics
  • staff to support our immunisation work

Community Health Services

Our Community Health Services are our largest Directorate which include adult nursing and therapy services. They provide physical health services to patients both in our own community hospital settings and supporting patients with care delivered in their own homes. Our services include:

  • general and stroke rehabilitation
  • end of life care
  • physiotherapy
  • occupational therapy
  • speech and language therapy
  • podiatry
  • falls prevention

Our Community Health Services also include mental health services for older people which are delivered both from our specialist inpatient units and in community settings.

We can offer a wide range of career opportunities in this area of work. Our hospitals offer all the roles you would expect there, including:

  • Nurses across a range of levels
  • Healthcare Support Workers
  • range of Therapy related roles for both registered and unregistered staff
  • podiatry
  • contact centre to co-ordinate patient care.

Our community job roles include:

  • District Nurses
  • Community Nurses
  • roles supporting virtual wards
  • phlebotomy roles

We are actively exploring new job roles to support our service delivery. Many of our wards now include pharmacy related roles. Moreover, we are actively engaged with training and developing Nurse Associates and have a well-established clinical apprenticeship scheme.

Current Vacancies

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